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What makes good editing?

  1. Storytelling: A good video should tell a clear story. The plot must be edited together in a way that captivates the viewer and creates a clear narrative.
  2. Rhythm: Like a song, a video must have a coherent pace and rhythm. The editor will make sure it doesn’t cut too slow or too fast and matches the rhythm of the music and/or voiceover.
  3. Image and sound quality: Ensuring that all footage used is sharp and properly exposed, and that the audio is clear and understandable. If the recordings are already older or faulty, there are a number of tools to improve the image and sound quality in editing.
  4. Color correction and grading: In editing, colors are adjusted to create a visually appealing atmosphere and match the mood of the video.
  5. Transitions and effects: All transitions and effects are used in a way that adds value, fits the storyline, and does not make the video look unnecessarily cluttered.
  6. Creativity: A good video has a creative touch. The editor should edit the storyline together to make the video unique and visually appealing. Creative choices can make the video more interesting and make it stand out from others.
Male Video Editor hand Works with Footage or Video on His graphic panel of Personal Computer, he Works in Creative Office Studio or home. Neon lights

Editing, VFX, subtitling, color grading

You already have filmed material that still needs to be turned into a finished video? Call us and tell us your ideas. We will gladly take care of editing and sound design for you. It helps if you can give us 2-3 reference works whose style you have in mind for orientation.

From the selection and arrangement of the most appropriate scenes, the choice of music, voice-over or subtitling to the color scheme, we work closely with you to create a coherent overall work. If desired, we also create a suitable intro and outro that you can use for all future videos.

Digitalization, stabilization, repairing

Even if the camera movements in the submitted material are sometimes a bit shaky or the exposure is not right, we can still achieve amazingly good results with a wide range of post-processing tools. Even smartphone videos or photos can be integrated coherently into the film with the right editing.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want the final product to look like, we will be happy to review your material and advise you on the next steps. We can also digitize and edit material from older video cassettes (Normal-8, Super-8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, VHS-C or VHS). When editing your video, we will send you intermediate versions at regular intervals to ensure that you always have the same level of knowledge and that everything is implemented according to your ideas.

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