Film Production

Male Video Editor hands Works with Footage or Video on His control panel of Personal Computer, he Works in Creative Office Studio or home. Neon lights

Planning & conception

We inspire you, take over the concrete design, create a schedule, visualize your idea and create a film that inspires you and the audience. We will send you the written, clear offer with all agreements and wishes by mail after the initial meeting.

Our film productions mainly take place in North Rhine-Westphalia, but on request we also film throughout Germany or abroad. Interviews or product presentations can be filmed in our Düsseldorf studio in front of a green screen.

Image / corporate video

An image film is the perfect way to give your brand a face. The viewers should get a sympathetic impression of your company, organization or institution. company, organization or institution.

Recruiting video

A recruiting video helps to strengthen employer branding, increase the number of applications and improve the quality of applicants. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is an enormously helpful HR tool.

Trade fair video

A trade fair video is an effective way to present your products or services at the trade show. It helps to strengthen your company and brand, attract more visitors to your booth and keep them there longer.

Product video

A product film is an effective way to explain your product, build trust, increase awareness, increase purchase intent, and stand out from the competition.

Event video

An event film gives your event a wider reach, as it can be shared and distributed online. This way, even people who could not attend the event can get a great impression of it.

Music video

A music video offers tremendous opportunities to present an artist's music in an individually appropriate style and reach the audience in an immersive way.

Why bet on video?

Videos are more in demand than ever as advertising and entertainment media, accounting for more than 80 percent of all Internet traffic. This is primarily due to the ease of access: moving images with sound are more immersive than any other medium and appeal directly to the emotions. Smartphones are turning videos into communication or advertising media that are available completely independent of location and time and can be accessed and commented on at all times.

Videos create proximity, presence and trust. They explain and entertain at the same time and are equally valued by all age groups. Search engines also like videos. If you use a variety of media channels and integrate videos into your website, this will increase your findability and strengthen your presence on the web. Videos can enhance your homepage, be sent via email or be used for convincing presentations.The possibilities are manifold. We create the right clip for every purpose and find the right distribution channel.

Foto of a camera during shooting

What makes a good video?

  • A clear message: A good video should convey a clear and easily understandable message. The viewer should know at the end of the video what the video is about and what message is being conveyed.
  • High quality: it should have a high visual and audiovisual quality. This means that the video should be clear and sharp, the colors should be well matched and the sound quality should be good.
  • Memorable content: the content should stick in the viewer’s mind. This could be emotionally engaging stories, visually stunning scenes, or informative and relevant information.
  • The appropriate length: it should not be too long to hold the viewer’s interest. The length of the video should be appropriate for the type of content and the target audience.
  • Good storytelling: it should tell a story that engages the viewer and touches them emotionally. This can be achieved through clever dramaturgy, a good script and good camera work.
  • Adaptation to the target group: it should be adapted to the needs and interests of the target group. This includes choosing the right language, style and music.
    Creative elements: A good video should contain creative elements that make it stand out from other videos. These can be animations, effects or unusual camera angles, for example.

These factors help make a video successful and evoke a positive reaction from the viewer.

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