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Blackfish Films is your film production in Düsseldorf for a successful trade fair film. Whether for the trade fair in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Duisburg, Essen or Dortmund: We produce your trade fair film and, if desired, also the trade fair photos.

On this page you will get the most important info you should have before creating a trade show film. That is, the details of the structure, duration and cost of a trade show film are explained below.

What is a trade fair film?

The term trade show film sounds very clear, but it can mean two very different things: a film for a trade show or a film of a trade show (or a trade show appearance). This distinction is of course quite significant for film planning.

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A film from a trade fair or trade fair appearance

An on-site trade fair film production makes sense in order to record your trade fair appearance and to be able to present it online after the trade fair. It is also possible to cut and upload this kind of trade fair video on the same day. This way, you can give people who didn’t make it to you the best possible and immediate impression of what happened at the trade fair. Likewise, it helps to make their contacts aware of your company and possibly your new products even after the trade fair. This type of trade show film is thus an event film at the same time, you can find more info about this type of film here in our blog.

A film for a trade fair or trade show appearance

To fully exploit the potential of your trade show booth and make it interesting and appealing to as many potential new customers as possible, it makes sense to present a film there. If you have one or more screens at your stand on which one of your products or your company itself is presented in an appealing way via film, this will arouse curiosity. Such a film is most effective if it has been specially designed for the trade fair. Thus you use your advertising space there optimally. A well-made film is an eye-catcher and informs new customers immediately, even if there is no sales representative on site. It also ensures that visitors stay longer at your stand. This increases the chance of making contact and getting visitors excited about your products and your company.

Is it a B2C or B2B trade fair?

In terms of effectively addressing the target audience, it is crucial whether the visitors to the trade show are predominantly trade customers from the industry or end consumers. Trade customers know their way around better and need more detailed information. End consumers are often not yet familiar with the product or service and therefore need an introduction first.

How is a trade fair film structured?

The structure and content of the trade fair film naturally depends on how you want to present yourself. But also on what the audience expects, or what kind of fair it is. A film that is presented at a trade fair booth can be a recruiting film, for example, if it is a recruiting trade fair.Just as suitable, however, can be – depending on the objective – a product film or a product presentation. Especially if you are new in the industry and want to make a name for yourself. This way you can focus on the special features of your products. Of course, this also makes sense if you want to present a product that is too big for an exhibition hall or is difficult to transport for other reasons. Likewise, if it is too small to catch the eye directly. Or it’s too complex to directly understand the purpose when just looking at it. Simply present your product in a video to directly answer most questions.

An explanatory film, on the other hand, is helpful, for example, in explaining complex processes and production techniques to trade show visitors. A company presentation or image film is recommended if your products are already known on the market and you want to give visitors a basic overview of what your company stands for. For this purpose, well-known advertising faces or spectacular, creative ideas can be used to attract the visitors’ attention.

A trade fair film is presented in a noisy hall. That is, the information should be transmitted primarily through the image, not the sound. It is usually presented in front of a wide variety of languages and cultures. I.e. it should be clear and easy to understand as well as subtitled. A subtitled voiceover only makes sense if it can be heard. The film should specifically address the respective trade fair target group and have a clear, self-explanatory message. A trade fair is about novelties, which means that the film should of course also be new or at least up to date, and not contain any details that are already outdated.

Especially for a film that is produced for a trade fair, sufficient lead time should definitely be planned. Depending on the format and complexity of the film, the shooting schedule can vary greatly. However, a minimum lead time of four weeks should be considered. For larger, more elaborate ideas, it should be at least several months.

A film from a trade fair, i.e. an event film, on the other hand, can also be realized at short notice. Here too, however, a few things should be organized and clarified in advance. For example, permission to film must be obtained from the trade fair management. Many exhibition stand operators are of the opinion that this is automatically available through participation in the trade fair. This is usually not the case. This permit often cannot be obtained online, but must be picked up in person at the trade fair. If this permission is available, one should also talk to surrounding booth operators (if they can be seen in the video). If you obtain their consent, you are on the safe side and usually this is also granted without further ado.

Should a new product be distributed as quickly as possible and also presented to potential customers who did not make it to the trade fair? Then the variant of a same-day edit is recommended. This means that the trade fair video is edited and put online on the same day. For this it is important in the planning to apply for a sufficiently fast Internet line at the fair or to establish it yourself. Internet lines at trade fairs are often overloaded, so this should be taken into account in order not to lose several hours just uploading the video.

We at Blackfish Films take care of the filming permits, so that you can fully concentrate on your trade show appearance.

A film shown at a trade show should be short and concise. 30 to 60 seconds are optimal here to arouse interest in the walking audience and to leave a first positive impression.

An event film of a trade fair can also be longer, depending on how many innovations you want to present in it. However, in order not to bore the viewers, such videos should also remain under 3 minutes. If there are a lot of novelties you want to present, several short videos are more useful than one very long one.

Let us know what budget you are targeting for your production and we will work with you to develop the most coherent concept for this framework. We can produce a trade fair film from a basic rate of 1500 euros. The scope and effort varies so much, however, that it is otherwise impossible to set a flat rate. At Blackfish we work with clear, transparent daily rates. Please contact us for a free initial consultation and an individually tailored offer.

You should publish a trade fair film as quickly as possible, even if it is not – as described above – a same-day edit. A trade fair is all about novelties and topicality, so the associated video should also be online quickly. Of course, it makes sense to share your trade show videos on your website and social media channels. But you probably don’t just want to reach your existing customers, you also want to be found better by potential new customers with the video. Therefore, a holistic strategy when publishing makes sense in order to achieve the maximum reach. It should be kept in mind that the right marketing is at least as important as the quality of the video itself. After all, a video can be as impressive as it is. But it must also be found easily and quickly by the desired target group. Or even better: placed in such a way that it automatically finds its way to the target group. We will be happy to advise you on this, individually adapted to your respective goals.

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