Simple, clear price structures

At Blackfish Films, we work with clear pricing structures:

Shooting: 900 € per day. Shooting is done by very experienced filmmakers using high quality camera and professional equipment. This is already included in the daily rate. We will be happy to send you an overview of the equipment used.

Editing and post-production: 600 € per day. We edit the raw footage and create a cut that reflects your vision and expectations. Music and sound effects licensed for your project will be added to achieve the desired mood.

Conception and Planning: we work closely with you to understand and plan the ideas and goals of your film. For smaller projects, this is included. Longer-term and more extensive shoot planning, including the creation of a storyboard or the search for suitable shooting locations, we charge €500 per day.

In total, the basic rate for a video production is €1500.

This includes travel within NRW and two correction loops. Your video will be completed within 7 days of shooting. Faster / same-day edits can also be done on request for an additional charge.

As a group of freelancers we can offer a much more attractive price/performance ratio than comparable film agencies.

Please note that the exact costs may vary depending on the specific requirements of the project. We also offer additional services such as voice-overs and animation, which may result in a higher price.

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