Photography Düsseldorf

The photo equipment

In addition to a camera with high-quality interchangeable lenses for every situation, we rely on tripods, flashes, lighting, reflectors and also drones to always create exactly the setting that is needed. A professional camera and lenses allow for images with higher resolution, greater dynamic range and lower noise. This results in sharper, more detailed and overall better images. This way, you don't leave a successful shoot - even in very unpredictable weather or lighting conditions - to chance. Good equipment also includes the right post-processing programs. Only with this complete package can you give the photos exactly the look you want. This reflects the desired appearance and presents your project in a professional way.

Aerial view of curved road and green tea fields lit by sunlight in summer in San Miguel

Drone photos

If, in addition to successful ground shots, you also need pictures from the air and up to 120 meters high, we will be happy to take care of that. Drone photography is often used by real estate agents, for example, to create high-quality aerial shots of properties and land. These images can give potential buyers a comprehensive view of the entire property and help them get a better idea of the size, location, and condition of the property. Drone photography can also be used to create stunning landscape and travel photography. From high mountains and sweeping desert landscapes to tropical beaches and city panoramas, drones can capture stunning perspectives that would not be possible using traditional methods.

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