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Why use film?

Film is in demand as an advertising medium like never before. This is primarily due to the easy access: moving images with sound are more powerful than any other medium and speak directly to the emotions. Smartphones turn videos into communication and advertising media that are available, regardless of time and place, and can be called up and commented on at any time.

Image Film

Whether for an image film, a trade fair or event film, a music video or an advertising film: we will advise you individually and create a personally tailored offer. You simply tell us the ideas for your film production in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area as well as the purpose of the video.

Drone Footage

With drone shots you show your premises, your team or your product from a completely new side or from a completely new perspective. We create videos and photos for you from a height of up to 120 meters in brilliant 4K quality.

Post Production

Do you have material that has already been filmed that still needs to be turned into a finished film? Call us and let us know what you want the finished film to be. We would be happy to do the cutting and editing for you.

Your film production in Düsseldorf

Blackfish Films is located on Heinrich-Heine-Allee in the heart of Düsseldorf. The majority of our productions also take place in Düsseldorf or the surrounding area. However, we are by no means limited to this; we have already implemented film projects in Spain, Iceland, Austria, Denmark and Vietnam. We always work towards long-term cooperation with our customers, as a well-rehearsed team usually works best.

We inspire you, take care of the concrete design, create a schedule, visualize your idea and create a film that inspires you and the viewers. We will send you the written offer with all the agreements and wishes by e-mail immediately after the conversation. Our services include consulting, conception, planning and production of audiovisual media, because we are passionate about moving images. And we make sure that they are also moving.

About Blackfish Films

We focus on film production in the areas of culture and events, education and health and bring the relevant background knowledge with us. Especially in the production of image films, an understanding of the respective industry is essential in order to hit the right tone and image. Blackfish Films offers the entire range of services in this area. From the first conversation to the development of ideas and concepts, the creative and technical implementation to post-production and the finished film. Call us for a free initial consultation. We look forward to you and our cooperation.

We shoot the majority of our film productions in Düsseldorf and North Rhine-Westphalia, but we can also film throughout Germany or abroad on request. Interviews or product presentations can be filmed in our Düsseldorf studio in front of a blue or green screen. Alternatively, we can also set up the green screen studio at your site. If you are looking for a cameraman in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area at very short notice, simply call us directly.

This is what defines Blackfish Films

Good communication

Good communication is the most important starting point of any film project. We listen and know what is important to our customers: high quality, personal, proactive project management and appropriate budget planning. Just as naturally flexibility, if something turns out differently. If something is unclear to you at any time, we are always available for you. It is well known that there are no stupid questions. Only questions that are asked too late or not at all.

Creativity and inventiveness

Do you already have an idea for your film, but don't yet know how best to stage it? At Blackfish Films, we're happy to take your idea and show you various ways of developing it. Or do you still have no concrete idea of where and how your film should be told? We advise and inspire you on suitable locations, storylines and possible protagonists for your film. We never lack fresh ideas.

A clear, structured plan

A film project always includes the planning and scheduling phases, shooting and post-production. We are in contact with you throughout the entire planning and implementation process in order to then deliver exactly the desired result. We will also send you all telephone agreements again by email in order to ensure clarity and clarity of the next steps of your film production at all times ensure in Dusseldorf.

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