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Blackfish Films is your film production for a successful music video in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. A music video helps to promote an artist’s music, build a brand, visualize creative ideas, strengthen fan loyalty and increase awareness.

On this page you will get the most important info you should have for creating a music video. I.e. the details about concept development, shoot planning and goal setting are explained below.

The concept development for a music video

When creating a music video, it is essential that the film team understands the song and the thoughts behind it in order to be able to design the video accordingly. Together with the artists, we first discuss what mood and message the song conveys. Based on the understanding of the song, various ideas for the video are then collected, such as the storyline, set design, costumes or visual effects. After having an idea of what you want to show in the video, a storyboard is created. This is a visual representation of the video that shows scene by scene what will happen. The storyboard can serve as a reference for the entire team and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Foto of a guitar player
Foto of a keyboard player used as example for Music Video

The concrete planning of the shoot

For the music video, you often need a performing cast in addition to the film crew. This includes actors, dancers or other performers, while the film crew includes the technical staff such as cameraman, lighting operator, sound man and director. The filming location should be chosen to match the storyline of the music video. One should make sure that one has a permit to shoot at the chosen location. Before starting the shoot, rehearsals should be done to make sure that everything goes smoothly. After that, the actual shooting begins. During the rehearsals, it is also important to pay attention to the ambient sounds and the lighting mood on location in order to be prepared for all situations on the day of shooting.

What goals are achieved with a music video?

A music video is the best way to raise the profile of an artist or band. By releasing it on different platforms, the video can be discovered by a wider audience. A music video can be part of a larger marketing campaign to promote the album or song. Through the video, you can engage the audience in a visual way, increasing interest in the song. This also helps to define and strengthen the artist’s identity. Through the design of the video, one can convey a certain aesthetic or mood that will henceforth be associated with the artist and his music. A music video can be considered an artistic work in itself, often attracting attention in addition to the music track. Well-made music videos are shared especially readily by the fan base and thus, in the best case, become a self-runner.

Foto of a woman listening to music via her mobile phone
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